Reports & Recommendations

The ACCD guides the community and diversity planning and assessment process that is administered through the Office of the Provost.

This process recognizes that most community and diversity efforts occur at the divisional level, and that divisions themselves are best equipped to implement their own continuous improvement cycles, with guidance and assistance from the ACCD. We use the term "division" to describe Emory hospitals, clinics, schools, research centers, and administrative offices.

How the Process Works

Emory divisions form their own community and diversity committees (DCCDs), charged with developing community and diversity goals, plans, and methods of assessing progress. This decentralized approach allows our defined divisions to develop and implement plans based on their specific needs.

  • Each fall, DCCDs submit an annual community and diversity report which describes the division’s top 3 priority goals, actions completed, and assessments of actions for the previous year, and 3 priority goals, actions, and assessments to be completed over the current year. | Report worksheet (PDF) | Report how-to guidance (PDF) | Webinar: Report how-to guidance
  • Members of the ACCD review each report and provide extensive feedback. | Review worksheet (PDF) 
  • The special assistant to the provost gathers this feedback, creates a review report, and shares the feedback with the division leader and members of the DCCD.
  • With advice from the ACCD, the special assistant creates a summary report which details Emory’s progress on actions, assessments, and goals and provides institutional recommendations based on divisional needs and challenges.
  • The ACCD plans an annual symposium through which divisions share promising practices.
  • The special assistant follows up on the progress of institutional recommendations.