About Us

What We Do

The Advisory Council on Community and Diversity (ACCD):

  • Supports divisions in completing goals, actions, and assessments in order to make Emory's long-held values of access, equity, and inclusion a reality
  • Provides informed guidance and recommendations to executive leadership, and
  • Enables Emory community and diversity experts and concerned faculty and staff to gain understanding of related challenges and successes across the enterprise.

The ACCD advises an annual evaluation and reporting process that encourages and supports efforts to improve community and diversity within and across every division of Emory. The ACCD is a committee of the University Senate and is supported by the Office of the Provost.

Our Vision

Emory is actively engaged in, and holds itself accountable for, a continuous process of measuring, assessing and improving community and diversity.

Our Mission

Operationalize an infrastructure and process that encourages and supports the identification of attainable goals, concrete actions, and measurable improvements to community and diversity within each division of Emory.

  • Involve senior leadership, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and patients in a continuous improvement cycle, guided by research that suggests that involvement of diverse constituencies improves collective understanding and collective problem solving.
  • Provide expertise and feedback on goals, plans, and assessments with the belief that feedback is critical to improving performance.
  • Support the sharing of effective community and diversity practices across Emory.
  • Provide a summary report on community and diversity efforts to the president of Emory University and the Emory community.

Our History

Launched in the fall of 2012, the ACCD emerged from and replaced Emory's three President's Commissions – on the Status of Women, on Race and Ethnicity, and on Sexuality, Gender Diversity, and Queer Equality.

In 2008 commission conversations emerged about the need for additional commissions (class, disability, etc.) and the desire to develop a more comprehensive infrastructure to support community and diversity work throughout the Emory enterprise. In the fall of 2011, discussions were initiated to reimagine community and diversity at Emory.

During the spring of 2012, commission members gathered at a retreat and follow up meetings to devise a new, action-oriented infrastructure to better focus attention on and accelerate efforts to operationalize Emory's long-held values of access, equity, and inclusion.