Membership Guidelines

The important work of the ACCD requires that ACCD members be committed to and engaged in the council's work. Commitment and engagement will in part be measured by:

  • On-time completion of report reviews
  • Quality of report reviews
  • Attendance at meetings
  • Attendance at the annual mandatory training
  • Membership surveys

Membership terms run from July 1 to June 30.


Individuals who have experience in and passion for Emory community and diversity work, but who do not have community and diversity responsibility as a primary component of their positions. Members-at-Large have three-year term limits with the possibility of renewal.

Ad Hoc Members

Individuals who have community and diversity responsibilities as a primary component of their position or who have broad responsibilities across Emory University, Emory Healthcare, or both and have knowledge/experience important to the functioning of the ACCD. Membership is role-specific and has no term limit.

To ensure fairness and encourage honest feedback:

  • Members cannot serve simultaneously as DCCD chairs. It is preferable that members not serve simultaneously as DCCD members.
  • Members cannot review a report from their own division.

We are currently accepting applications for Members-at-Large.

Before applying, read member Roles and Responsibilities. To apply, please send a resume or vita and a cover letter to University Senate Assistant Ryan Larocca at by Friday, April 15th.

  • PDFs or Word documents only are accepted.
  • Your resume should include previous experience in diversity, equity, and social justice activities.
  • Your cover letter should address why you would like to serve on the ACCD.

The primary responsibility of an ACCD member is to complete reviews of assigned annual DCCD reports. These written reviews enable the ACCD to:

  • Prepare a summary report of community and diversity efforts for Emory's executive leadership
  • Provide recommendations to executive leadership and monitor progress
  • Identify promising practices to share with the Emory community
  • Monitor each division's progress on community and diversity goals
  • Provide concrete feedback to each division leader and DCCD
  • Evaluate the success of Emory's community and diversity planning and assessment process, and the success of the ACCD

Members also serve:

  • As champions of the C&D planning and assessment process
  • As advisors to the ACCD chair
  • As experts in DCCD reporting and the continuous improvement process
  • As leaders and planners of the annual ACCD symposium
  • In additional roles as needed

Because of the vital role ACCD members play in the process, it is important that members:

  • Complete their assigned DCCD reviews on time
  • Attend the annual mandatory review training to ensure accuracy and consistency of feedback
  • Attend all ACCD meetings

Reports are typically submitted to the ACCD mid fall semester, and reviews are due 30 days after reports are in. Members are usually assigned five reports, and report reviews are expected to be extensive. Because reviewing reports is the most important function of an ACCD member, submitting incomplete reports or neglecting to submit reports by the deadline is grounds for termination of membership.

Member engagement will be evaluated mid-year and at the end of the year.

ACCD does not advance any ACCD member's specific community and diversity project or initiative. Our job is to assist Emory divisions in creating their own goals and meeting them.